Chapter 1 pg 2 - Sam Starts To Fall


Sam was a regular at the Paradise Bar. On occasion he had a friend or two with him. Occasionally he ordered wings. It was a home away from home.

Like so many others that came into the bar, he liked Brandy instantly. She had a way with her patrons... kept them laughing and feeling like her friends, without letting them get so close that they felt they could take liberties or feel the contempt that true familiarity breeds.

But Sam was somehow immune to that distancing. He found himself growing increasingly fascinated and intrigued with the beautiful bartender. He was indeed starting to fall for her. His best friend, Joe, had tried to give him some advice, saying, "Everyone falls in love with the beautiful bartender. Don't get caught in that trap. She's beautiful, fun, and brings you the drinks you want. Leave it at that. Don't be a fool."

But foolish is what Sam felt. He swirled the lonely ice cubes around in his tumbler and rubbed his forehead. Brandy noticed him, his body language, and his near empty glass. She approached his chair with a decanter of whiskey.

"It's a woman, right?" she said.

Sam, caught off guard, nodded and gave a slight smile.

"I can always tell," Brandy continued. "You look like you're falling through clouds without a parachute."

"Well..." he said, and chuckled, wanting very badly to tell her how he felt. But there was little hope, with him being 15 years her senior... and a customer.... awkward.

Yes, Brandy always listened to him... and not just with a distant friendly professionalism. She actually seemed to care. And there was this sad, lonely quality behind her smiles and constant teasing. Irresistable...

If only there were some way to make her feel safe enough to talk, just talk. They could get to know each other a bit better and she could decide... Hell, he might even realize he couldn't really fall for her. Stranger things have happened.

One way to find out...

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gnostikos said...

like chapter 1, very enjoyable and well done. great story line and great delivery. once again, very clear vocals with nice expression of emotion. the transition from the musical to voice between chapters is smooth. since the perspective changes with a change in point of view, there is a slight adjustment that the audience needs to make. since this is a new way of experiencing a novel, the listener/reader needs to learn how to best perceive and retain the information, but it's well worth the effort. it's an enjoyable exploration into a new art form. great experience.