Chapter 1 pg 4 - Brandy Takes A Chance


Brandy took Sam's offer seriously, which was unusual for her. She had tended bar long enough to see how often patrons fall in mad lust with an attractive bartender. She'd learned many disarming ways to say "no", based on personality and level of intoxication of her would be suitors.

But this guy, Sam, was a little different. He seemed so sincere, and as far as she could tell, he really wasn't quite drunk yet. Besides, he seemed a bit older, like he'd be mature enough to be a gentleman with her.

A coffee shop, huh... what could it hurt? It's a public place and they could drive separately. And it would be nice to be listened to for a change.

"So," she asked herself. "Why am I hesitating?"

She fingered the silver chain she was wearing and remembered, with a torrent of emotions, what had happened last time she let her guard down. But in that swirl of emotions, the one emotion that kept rising to the top this night was... defiance!

Brandy had come to the realization that she was a prisoner to her heart break. She knew too, that she would never be free again until she risked pain once more. All of her self-protection was really no protection at all. It was only keeping the wound hidden in darkness, never to heal.

"Sure, Sam, I'll go," Brandy said.

Sam smiled back and watched as she walked away towards the back room. As she did so, she unclasped her fine silver chain and put it in her pocket.

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WCD said...

Intriguing - check sentence #3. She has these skills not "based" on the personality..."