Chapter 1 Pg 6 - Getting Things Wrong


Brandy indeed felt quite at ease with Sam. She surprised them both with how open she was about her dreams and plans. But she never responded when Sam commented on feeling like he'd known her forever. She had just smiled politely and sipped her coffee.

Sensing he had gone too far, Sam pulled back into smaller talk. But Brandy had been feeling something similar, almost a sense of destiny.

"This is crazy!" she told herself as she tossed in bed that night, unable to sleep. "You don't have destiny with this guy. It was one date. Sure, there was a connection, but it was one date."

After work, Sam faced a dilemma. Not much of a dilemma in that there was only ever going to be one choice. The obvious question was whether to make his usual stop at the paradise bar. He knew Brandy would be working tonight. He didn't want to make her feel uncomfortable if she'd felt bad about their date. On the other hand, he really couldn't stay away either for fear of her thinking the date went badly for him.

So, of course, he went.

Claiming his usual seat at the bar, he scanned the room for Brandy. She didn't seem to be there. Brandy's friend, Marla, came to take his order.

"G and T please... Brandy here tonight?" he asked.

"Yeah... she's on a break. She'll be back soon." Marla's smile was forced. Something was not right.

Minutes later, Brandy came back into the bar, smiling, followed closely by a tall, tan, handsome man. She saw Sam and quickly looked away.

"Damn," Sam said, "I always get these things wrong."

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